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Backpacking, rock climbing, sailing, car camping, snorkeling, astronomy, kayaking, canyoneering, road tripping,national park touring, multi day expeditions, tour groups, company excursions, team building, professional guiding for photographers and other organizations, custom trips tailored to you and much more…



We provide the opportunity to indulge in an outdoor activity of your choice without the hassle of having to plan it or prepare for it. Hire us and we will make your dream come true. Kayaking (Day or Night), hiking to waterfalls, swimming holes or hot springs, snorkeling, backpacking, car camping, rock climbing and much more. We also provide weekend adventure meet-ups on a monthly basis.



Tired of training alone? Want to get into the world of triathlons, runs and long distance bike rides? Join the URRA Race Team. We provide a safe and helpful group of people that will offer expertise and training to accomplish your first race of choice. Triathlons, 5k runs, 10k runs, Century rides and more.



We provide the specialization and knowledge to set up YOUR events. Fund-raising or just because, we organize all logistics. We specialize in triathlons, duathlons, 5k and 10k runs. If you've ever wanted to travel, but barely have the time or knowledge to plan it? Contact us and we will create, prep and organize it for you and give you the plans to do it yourself.



We at URRA, provide professional guiding for your company.
• Guided Photography Shoots
• Company Events
•Company Team-building and Professional Development • Guided Safari rides
• Obstacle courses
•Survival Skills Forraging Preparation



It is the mission of URRA to provide unique, exhilarating and safe outdoor adventure experiences with professional guides. The programs we offer provide the opportunity for people to make the leap into a world of adventure they may have felt intimidated by before. We offer high-quality escapades for beginners to outdoor enthusiasts in; guided day hikes to progressive hiking programs, ocean based programs to mountainous adventures, as well as packaged trips with a variety of opportunities.


We believe communal events is what can bring us to be closer neighbors than what we are. We stride to produce and direct Triathlons, Duathlons, 5k and 10k runs, and youth adventure events that create a safe environment for everyone to participate in; no matter if you are new or experienced in the sport. Aside from hosting our own annual races, we would like to offer our services and expertise to your school, group, club or company to help you plan your event for you. If you are trying to fundraise for a cause or for your own organization or just trying to create something new for your community to do, we are available for any type of event.


Nelson was born in Colombia and moved to USA as a young kid, being bilingual with english and spanish. His family settled in the area he still resides in today and he loves living and working in Long Beach.

His passion is truly guiding – he loves working with and teaching those who want to learn more about Long Beach and surrounding areas, through adventure and tours.

Starting from 2006 his love for outdoors sparked through the experiences he gained working with local adventure groups, enough so that a career built itself.

From working with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’ Search and Rescue team; Bear Valley SAR, as well as experience with teaching through outdoor experiential educational programs – he has ample experience across the board and through his knowledge and experience has created tours that he knows that even the most unadventurous will love.

You will feel his passion for the outdoors when you book your adventure with URRAdventures.

“I look forward to starting or re-ingniting your passion for adventure, I hope you can join us on one of our adventures soon!”

Owner – Nelson Prieto



Very welcoming company and staff. Just went out and did my first backpacking trip. They showed me everything i needed and how to pack and enjoy myself. They are very polite and patient. Didnt feel rushed or at all or out of place. I would recommend Up and Running adventures all the way.

I heard also they allow you to create your own trip. Or even set up a trip fr you for a location that you will visit on your own. Very accommodating. Sign up with them. I know i will again.

Megan B.


Experienced adventurous staff teaching what they are good at. I will definitely recommend this company to people that want to find their own SAFE path through nature. URRA gives you the resources to do so.

Andrea L.


I’ve never been much of an outdoorsman myself, however, feeling a little adventurous in the new year i was pleasantly surprised to find a company not only trying to spread the adventurous spirit themselves but also staffed by incredibly warm and experienced adventurers, i now have the pleasure of calling friends.

Highly recommended and worth the entirety of the amazing price.

Daniel V


This is a great company and they do some awesome events. My son and I loved the 4th of July! Greatest time ever!

Ben D




Join us on our single day or multi-day trips to explore what Southern California has to offer. You'll get to explore National Parks, Forests and Deserts while being led by experienced URRAdventures Guides. Experience unique geological formations to Native American petroglyphs. To book us, press on the Contact Us link below.


Let’s Learn

Whether it is learning to organize your pack for successful trips, to getting the knowledge of how to survive in the wilderness, to how to build a snow cave to survive a snowy night, to learning how to create a trip of your own safely. We cater to any level of experience working with you all the steps along the way. We service southern and northern California, northern Arizona in and around Grand Canyon, to surrounding regions and states.


Local Adventures

California has a multitude of possible adventures to take a part of. All you need is to contact us below and let us know where you want to go. You can visit start by hiking to our secluded locations to finishing the evening snorkeling in bioluminescent waters on our night adventures. Think of it and we most likely have it. Short morning trips to full day trips, we provide it and get your adventure fix. Follow the link below to get things moving.


Trips & Excursions

With the winter in full session, it is time to pull out and dust off those winter boots, ski's, and snow shoes. Let’s get out and let us show you beginner to advance cross country skiing, winter mountaineering, front country and back country camping, proper and safe snow travel, and an array of other winter related adventures. Click on the link below and let’s get planning.